git clone

A Github Style Git Hosting Platform in Express, React and Next

The software powering this website! Specifically, as you read this, this software is currently running in a Node.js environment on this site's server. It is also stored in a copy of its git repository within that environment. The running software extracts files from the git repository and renders them into what you're currently viewing, thus hosting its own source code.

The file server.js contains the source code for the backend. This uses Express to receive requests, and parses the URL. It then extracts the requested data from the git repository and typically sends that data to the frontend, in pages/[[...]].js. The frontend renders the web page displaying that data, using React and Next to generate the HTML and Tailwind for the CSS.

Gitcub is modelled on Github, most importantly in the URL structure of git requests. Its functionality is currently very limited, just enough to serve the purpose of hosting itself and my other projects.