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An Alarm Clock in Java

The purpose of this project was to get my foot in the door with Java. And the result is the best damn alarm clock I've ever had! It is a simple program but a rock solid one. I have been using it for years and it has not failed me once nor had any bug whatsoever. It has the only easy and fast alarm setting UI I have ever experienced (minutes can be incremented and decremented 1 or 10 at a time with single key presses). It also displays the date, and simple instructions for stopping or disabling the alarm (for those annoying occasions when someone else has to deal with it). Finally, it is hard coded to play a clip from the song "Wake up" by Korn. This has proven a great and effective way to start the morning!

The audio clip has been removed from git as it is copyrighted material. It consists of the first 48 seconds of the song in wave format (8.2MB) and is located at *src/resources/wakeupkorn.wav*. The program should work properly if you run it in Netbeans. However, if you create a .jar package the audio may not work depending on the java runtime. For keyboard controls, see the function handleSpecificKey in *src/alarm/*.